The Marimed Group
Case Study

Sector: Shipping and Vessel Management
Service: Audit, Strategy, Implementation, Support

The Challenge: Lower Carbon Footprint – Global application access in real-time

A global company requiring critical information in real time, with access 24/7 and security and data backed up. They needed a reliable & resilient solution that offered them support and cost benefit along with allowing them to remain environmentally sustainable. A trusted partner is what they required with 100% results and no downtime.

Marimed’s business operations run 24/7, with concurrent activities in different time zones around the world. They are growing in numbers and need new employees to be up and running in minutes with access around the world to bespoke software allowing real time information updates.

They were also very keen to lower their carbon footprint and costs, as this is a major factor to them as a growing global business. The aim was to create a globally hosted office that allowed users 24/7 global
access, security and backup with emote support and having an IT system that is helping the environment and lowering Marimed’s carbon footprint.


We audited and advised on a rollout strategy included all their challenges.

1. We visited their offices and consulted with them regarding their needs and requirements and at the same time audited their current IT for CO2 and energy consumption.

2. We compiled a detailed report with our findings and advised on a strategy that encompassed all their requirements, and let them consider and plan a rollout when they were ready.

3. They discussed with key decision makers and decided to go with our solution as they trusted our experience, ease of expansion, lower costs, value for money, ease & speed of rollout and carbon footprint.

We then set about a time plan to implement our strategy with seamless transition designed in such a way so that that they had no down time at all. This allowed them to continue doing what they do best and let us do what we do best.

We implemented Hosted Desktops that allowed them to…

  • Have complete or limited access (dependent on permissions set) to their data and bespoke software anywhere in the world and at any time they required.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that everything was totally secure and backed redundancies in place.
  • Expand globally and add new users to the system in minutes without the time constraints of setting up.
  • Are carbonized and environmentally sustainable with a much lower carbon footprint allowing more resources to be used in growing the business.
  • Adapt an office culture that aided their Work Life Balance so that they could implement flexible work style pattern.
  • Get remote support from a trusted partner and knowing that one call will resolve any issues.
  • Get longer life from IT hardware (thin clients) and not having to invest in servers but have the assurance that they have a 100% reliable and resilient system working for them.

SystemsCloud Ltd enables all users to work 24/7 with maximum uptime. This enables users to be virtually connected to the London office any time all the time.

Using the SystemsCloud Ltd solution, Marimed was able to extend access to its freight forwarding and vessel management systems beyond the four walls of its organisation to its partners around the world.

SystemsCloud Ltd enables all users to work 24/7 with maximum uptime.

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Marimed Group are growing rapidly, with London as the HQ and offices in India, Vietnam and Houston as well as satellite offices. As they expand further they are safe in the knowledge that all staff will have direct access to critical data and applications in real time wherever and whenever…keeping costs and emissions down.


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